Mission Statement

We are a gathering of people who desire to be wholehearted passionate lovers of Jesus. We greatly honor the presence of the Holy Spirit among us. We are crying out for the fullness of the Kingdom to be "in us for ourselves, and through us for others."

Meet The Leadership

Ed & Lynn Creary

Ed and Lynn were radically captured by the Holy Spirit during the days of the Charismatic renewal. They have planted and pastored churches in various areas of Canada.

Their ministry emphasis focuses on inviting people into a deep passion for Jesus and equipping them to live a Kingdom lifestyle.


Harv & Dolly Hildebrand Worship Ministry
David & Jaime Taggart Children's Ministry
Tony & Linda Fabian Pastoral Elders
Richard & Brenda Peters Missions & Mercy Ministry

What makes us distinct?

Our Vision

Encounter Based. We believe in and actively pursue a real relationship with a real Man, Jesus Christ. We want to know Him intimately, to love Him with all of our hearts, to be radical in laying down our lives for His purposes.

Spirit Led. We want to be “living by the Voice”. He speaks, we follow and obey. We listen for His voice through the written Word and through the prophetic anointing of revelation by the Holy Spirit.

A Classless Community. We believe in a level playing field where everyone gets to play and there’s a “mutual admiration society” among all people. The opinions of the world have no place here. We seek to be a new society made up of people whose citizenship is in heaven. All are valued and released as the Holy Spirit leads.

Aware of His Return. We believe that the storm clouds are gathering and it’s not business as usual. We are aware of the “great and terrible” day of the Lord and of the urgency of the hour and that causes us to live differently, watching and waiting for His return.

Desiring Signs & Wonders. We actively pray for and yield to the Holy Spirit's power. We believe that signs and wonders are indespensable for extending the Kingdom of God and portraying the real character of Jesus.